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   Why Offer the IB DP?
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   Pathway to University

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) DiplomaProgramme(DP) is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities.

Research suggests that the DP is a strong pathway to university –higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students (See video at).

DP students apply to more than 3,300 higher education institutions each year, in close to 90 countries.

The most popular of these institutions are ranked among the top universities in the world.

How Is The IB Recognized By Universities In Different Countries?

There are IB World Schools innearly 150 countries throughout the world, and students send exam results to higher education institutions in nearly 90 countries annually.

Given the wide diversity of local education systems it can be difficult to understand how the IB is recognized in various parts of the world.

To learn more on IB recognition information at the national level, read about the IB by country (Click here).

Which universities recognize IBprogrammes?

Higher education institutions around the world admit students based on their IB credentials, and many have specific admissions policies and guidelines for IB students. Admissions criteria can vary widely across educational systems and selectivity of the institution.

University Policy Index

IB StudentRegistry

* The university policy index (see link) includes self-reported policy information provided by universities to the IB through October 2015.

* Beginning in November 2015, new and updated university recognition policies can be found in the IB Student Registry (a platform for students, schools and universities)

* Universities can create a profile, publish their policy information, and to identify potential applicants for recruitment to their campus.

* Students create profiles and enter self-reported academic, extracurricular, college-interest and IB-specific information into a database accessible to universities.

The DP And Admission To University

FAQs Click here

Student Testimonials(countries of schools they attended for the Diploma)

Joan Li (Australia)

Matthew Albert (Australia) 

AlyHaji (Canada) 

Elise Paradis (Canada) 

Dafni Panopoulou (Greece) 

Kalyani Subbiah (India) 

Nisarg JShah (India) 

Christopher Briner(Japan)

Rico Chow(Japan)

Simon Johnson (NZ) 

Piotr Wozniak (Poland) 

Natasha Reurts(Korea)

Brian Keegan (USA) 

Jing Liu (USA) 

Country GuidesForInternational Students Applying To Universities In …

Australia (click here)

Canada (Click here)

UK (Click here)

USA (Click here)

Video Testimonials FromUniversity – An Admissions Officer At Stanford University, USA, Accepting IB Students From Around The World

The Value of an IB Education

What distinguishes IB students in the University Application Process?

How familiar are universities with the different components of the IBDPProgramme?

Do IBDP Diploma scores influence admissions officers at US colleges and universities?

How do colleges and universities view the International Baccalaureate?

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