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  1. My child does not comply with the age requirement for Fleming, but is currently studying in another school one year ahead. Can I subscribe him/her at Fleming to continue his studies?
    The age requirement is mandatory for Early Years and Primary 1 (P1), if the student doesn´t have the correct age before the 31st of March we can´t consider him/her to come to study at Fleming. If the student is coming from another school and already has a "Ficha Unica" then we can consider him or her for evaluations.

  2. If my family and I need to leave town for work or other reasons, do I get a refund of the Enrollment Fee (Cuota de Ingreso)?
    No. The Enrollment Fee or Cuota de ingreso is non refundable. Nevertheless, it is paid only once and if your family eventually returns to Trujillo and into Fleming College, then you would not need to make this payment again. Re entering Fleming is subject to space and admissions testing. If your family is in the city for a short period, check out the TEMPORAL option.

  3. Do I need to present a wedding certificate to apply to Fleming?
    No. We are a non religious school, so we do not request wedding certificates. Baptism certificates are not necessary either.

For more information, please contact:

 Daphne Roeder
In charge of the Admission´s office
Phone: (51) 44-280395 - 284440 Ext. 123

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