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Student Activities

Secondary students at Fleming are exposed to a wide variety of activities.


Among the most significant activities that students undertake during the year are the cultural trips. FromT6 to S3, all students have the chance to visit different national destinations such as Tambopata, Huaraz, Chiclayo, etc. for one a week. Another popular cultural and language experience is the trip to Great Britain which lasts for 4 weeks,between July and August. Equally attractive are the recreational activities and the competitions among British schools in Lima, such as Theatre Sports, One-Act Plays, Short Story Competition and Chess Tournament. Last but not least is the annual trip by students of T6 within the ISSE Exchange Program to a variety of Latin American destinations for cultural and educational purposes.

Thanks to our international link,our students are offered the opportunity to participate of the important Latin American Head Conference – LAHC. It is regular for us to host delegations of student visitors from this Conference. It is also a tradition for us to welcome Cambridge College students from S1 every year in the month of August.

Community Commitment

All throughout the year, the entire Fleming family undertakes different community service activities. Our students serve their community as volunteers for a range of organizations such as Operation Smile, “Manos Abiertas” (an organization devoted to helping burned children within the Hospital Belén in Trujillo), and others such as the Senior´s Home, Special School Carlos A. Mannucci, Firefighters Company, Cancer Fighting League are taken by each specific grade. In addition to formative community service, S5 students participate in Work Experience Week. This activity allows them to strengthen their vocational  interests and help others by an immersion of five consecutive days in a specific organization, company or local institution.

Other Activities

Along with the social and cultural activities, our students produce a valuable Theatrical Presentation each year and eagerly participate in the organization and production of art expositions, choir recitals, concerts, sports competitions in diverse disciplines, inside and outside of the city.

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