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Mission and VisionMission

We guide our students to become highly successful and principled citizens of the world. Our students demonstrate their independence, form their own goals and construct their own unique value systems within a context of international mindedness, tolerance and understanding. In particular we emphasize three important qualities which are developed through our dynamic curriculum and caring pastoral system:

Passion: A strong desire to do something positive.

Compassion: Genuine empathy for others combined with a desire to help.

Perseverance: The drive to continue working hard in the face of challenge or adversity.


Sir Alexander Fleming College aims to be the leading international school in the provinces of Peru. Using the best of British, Peruvian and international methods it will deliver an up-to-date concept-based bilingual education. The school will equip students to support the just development of an increasingly globalised and technological world.

 Fleming Graduate Profile

• Feels proud of the school and made a positive contribution
• Is bilingual and capable of studying and communicating fluently in both Spanish and English
• Has developed inquiry skills, comprehension and critical thinking
• Prepared for success at higher education
• Is reflective, prepared to take risks and open-minded
• Has a highly developed awareness of the word
• Knows how to apply school learning to real life situations
• Is prepared to tackle the challenges of a technological, globalised and constantly changing world
• Shows self-respect and respect towards others at all times
• Shows perseverance and takes advantages of opportunities

Model Fleming Student


• Has an active, positive attitude towards the community
• Respects others and themselves
• Works hard
• Respects his/her country but has an open-minded international perspective
• Is courteous, helpful and caring
• Is honest and trustworthy
• Is resourceful, versatile and able to think independently
• Is able to understand other people’s point of view
• Is loyal
• Has a variety of interests
• Respects but does not fear authority
• Is able to find solutions to problems independently
• Is able to think independently without being over-influenced by the ideas and prejudices of others
• Is punctual
• Is organised
• Enjoys reading
• Realises that we come to school to learn
• Studies to learn more about the world, and not purely to obtain good grades


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